Resin labels Crystal Label are approved by the main manufacturers for offering the resistance required for the most diverse scenarios. Due to its versatility, it serves all industry segments.

  The polyurethane resin allows the creation of delicate or robust pieces that will guarantee the longevity of the brand identification even when exposed to the sun, temperature fluctuations, various chemical agents and wear friction.

  Our customization work allows the creation of exclusive details and colors, materializing the designers' ideas.

    •   Lenticular Effect: Crystal Transparency.
    •   High gloss: your brand will stand out.
    •   Color fidelity: maintains the original color.
    •   High durability: long time without losing features.
    •   Resistance: meet the strictest quality standards. They have resistance to abrasion, temperature variation, bad weather.
    •   Light relief sensation.
    •   Rounded corners and ends.
    •   Customized colors: Pantone scale or by pattern provided by the customer.

Suggested Use
    •   Logos and model identification for external use: cars, buses, bodies, tractors, machines.
    •   Logos and model identification for internal use: details on steering wheels, panels, center panel, machines.
    •   Entire labels with brand, model or technical information.
    •   Resin labels for furniture.
    •   Perfume Applications and Packaging.
    •   Applications in beverage bottles.
    •   Industrial kitchen.
    •   Medical equipment.